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About CFP

Team Leaders: We place a high value on teamwork and only hire the best in the industry. We know that in order to provide quality service and products we must not only use the best building materials but the best people. To meet the CFP team leaders click here.

Mission/Vision:  At CFP our vision is to be recognized by our customers and competitors as the leader in the industrial and commercial concrete industry on the West Coast. We want to maintain a reputation as the company who is able to get any job done no matter what challenges arise. Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality product on time and on budget. To read more click here.

Safety: At CFP we place a high value on safety and believe it is fundamental to the success of our company and the projects we take on. We understand that a failure to plan is a plan to fail, especially regarding the issue of safety. This is why we have clearly defined safety goals at the beginning of each project. We want everyone to go home safely to their families at the end of the day. To learn more click here.

Client Testimonials: We believe the reason we enjoy so many long-lasting relationships with clients is because we truly want their projects and companies to succeed. To check out what our clients have to say about us click here.

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