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Client Testimonials

I have had a great experience working with Aaron. The guy is fair when it comes to change order work and honest about schedule and his crews capabilities. He has gone above and beyond to meet up with me at the jobsite on a moment’s notice to problem solve an issue whether it be his or my own. Aaron is one of those guys that tries to make things easy for the whole team. - Zach Miller | Deacon Corp.



CFP has and continues to do a tremendous job of meeting our schedules, always being professional and most of all installing great looking concrete.  I would highly recommend CFP to anyone. - Jarrod Fogle | Deacon Corp.

I have been running projects for over 30 years. I have done so all over the country. Construction projects are extremely demanding. As a Superintendent I have learned to distinguish between the various quality levels of sub-contractors on my projects. I do so in order to prioritize which Sub-Contractors will need what percentage of the resources I have available to me. There are Sub-Contractors who struggle and require a great deal of attention, drawing tremendously from these resources. There are competent Sub-Contractors who do their work in acceptable fashion and require minimal expense of resource. Finally there are Sub-Contractors who excel in their fields and go above and beyond the realistic expectations of the General Contractor! These Sub-Contractors actually add to the resources available to me on any given project. These Exceptional Sub-Contractors I label as my Core Sub-Contractors. Over the years Aaron Muhonen and his team at CFP Construction have proven to me, again and again, to be an Exceptional Core Sub-Contractor Team whom I can rely on! - Steven B. Condon | Engineered Structures Inc.


Jackson Dean Construction & myself has had the pleasure of working with Aaron & CFP on several projects over the past 6 years. We’ve had only positive dealings with CFP during this time. CFP is a highly qualified and respected concrete placing company within the industry in the great Northwest region. CFP has survived the many construction down falls when others have failed due to their ability to provide quality personnel & products within the contract time and on budget. CFP has repeatedly shown only professionalism, honesty and loyalty in all of our dealings with them. They’re quick to help resolve any issue/matter that may arise during a project. They have and would not hesitate to work with all trades on the projects to help improve already tight schedules. It is with these and many more experiences with Aaron Muhonen and CFP has experienced over the years that we/I without any hesitation recommend them for your project. - Randy McCreary | Jackson Dean Construction


Aaron Muhonen has worked on a many projects for us and he has a great work ethic that surpasses most. He has a ton of construction experience in the concrete and carpentry divisions and does quality work and will meet the most demanding schedules. I would not hesitate to hire Aaron for any project large or small. - Jeremy Seppala | Seppala Construction Co., Inc.

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