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Our Team Leaders

Aaron Muhonen

Aaron Muhonen is the General Manager for CFP. Aaron’s responsibilities include executive management, strategic business planning, finance, personnel resource management, and overall business leadership. Aaron has benefited from a rich heritage in the construction industry with his family being involved in construction since the late 1950’s. The old-fashioned values of hard work, integrity and quality -- that have become a hallmark of CFP -- were instilled in Aaron as a young man.

The business philosophy which Aaron has centered CFP is one built on creating lasting value for customers. He first started working as a general laborer and worked his way up to becoming a superintendent before starting his own business. “Having started at the ground floor has enabled me to gain a solid understanding of every phrase of the building process. Over the years I’ve learned that good communication and having a well devised plan are critical to the success of any project. It really boils down to this: do you have a reactive or proactive mindset? You can either constantly react to problems or you can be proactive and make a plan to overcome those obstacles…either way you have to deal with challenges.”

When asked about his outlook regarding the future of CFP Aaron stated, “Our goal is to establish value through hard work, honesty and meeting our customer’s deadlines. Our customer’s schedule is very important to us.”

He and his three children live in Ridgefield, WA. He enjoys spending time with his family and attending sporting events. Aaron said one of his favorite parts about being a parent is, “watching kids discover things for their first time…like fishing.”

Jared Salmi

Jared Salmi is the Lead Estimator and Project Manager for CFP. He started working for CFP in 2010 after serving in the Navy for six years. During his time in the Navy, Jared developed two important skills that have proven to be invaluable in his current role at CFP: a high-level of organization and an attention to detail.

His primary responsibilities at CFP include: looking for new bid opportunities, preparing and following up on bids, negotiating prices and following up on change orders. A hallmark of Jared’s leadership ability is his commitment to “follow-through” and “detail” in the midst of managing a high-level of transactions.

When asked what he enjoys most about his role, Jared says, “My favorite part about my work is designing systems and processes that help keep us on track and ensure things don’t fall through the cracks.” Jared says he also enjoy working with such a tight-knit team. “Everyone here is pretty close and we’re always trying to help each other out. It feels more like a family than a business,” says Jared.

“Ever since Jared joined our team he has helped us become more systematic and organized,” says Aaron Muhonen, General Manager for CFP. “He was able to take what he learned in the Navy – that “systems mindset” – and apply it to our company which has helped us become a better company.”

Jared lives in Battle Ground, WA and enjoys playing disc golf, cooking and reading comics. He’s also very involved at his church and loves Jesus.

Machele Sheddy

Machele Sheddy is CFP’s Office Administrator. She is responsible for ensuring that CFP’s day-to-day administrative activities run efficiently and effectively. In her role as an Administrator, Machele serves the company in variety of ways, including: record keeping and billing, personnel, internal and external communications and scheduling.


Prior to working at CFP, Machele owned a furniture business in Oregon. After running her business for 10 years she decided to let it go to focus more on her family. “Back then I had to work with clients and vendors and keep track of all my orders. It forced me to be organized and to become a good communicator, which are all skills that help me do my job well at CFP,” Machele says.


Machele joined the CFP team in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. “I discovered I really enjoy working as an administrator. I enjoy working with people as well as getting projects done, and this position is a good mix of both,” she says. Machele, brings great energy to the office and has a great “get it done attitude”.


Machele said, “One of the things I love about working here is the strong relationships I get to cultivate with our team members and the vendors. The company has grown a lot recently but we’ve still managed to maintain that tight-knit feel as a team.”


For fun, Machele, and her husband Doug of 24 years, love to travel, ski and go camping. She also enjoys spending time with her kids. Her son Cody recently got married and her daughter Christy is studying at Central Washington University and going on to law school.


Ted Bommers

Ted Bomers has been part of the CFP team for over two years now. And with 35 years of concrete cutting and supervising, he brings valuable experience to our team. His background in the demolition side of concrete offers a unique perspective and ability to spot potential issues before they become real problems. 


As a foreman, Ted is involved in the planning, organizing and execution of projects. It's a job that requires the ability to both delegate, as well as participate, in order to do the job well. His leadership abilities and "get it done" attitude play a vital role in the success of these projects. 


While our team is expanding here at CFP, it's important we maintain a high level of quality work, which is something Ted is known for. "Ted is someone who pursues excellence in everything he does," says Aaron Muhonen, CFP's owner. "He holds himself to a high standard and it raises the bar for everyone. He's a valuable member of our team." 


When asked about the culture of CFP, Ted says, "You know when you work on big projects with tight deadlines sometimes personalities can clash and issues flare up. But at CFP it's different because my whole crew gets along really well and everyone is clear about their responsibilities. So that doesn't really happen much." 
Ted says one of the things he enjoys most about working at CFP is that he's free to do his job without being micromanaged. "I really enjoy working for Aaron, but don't tell him I said that," Ted says with a smile. "But seriously, it's a great team here. I mean, Aaron will come out to every big pour we have and give us a hand. And he's not just there to 'supervise' he'll jump in and do whatever needs to be done. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty." 


Ted has lived in the Pacific Northwest since he was 10 years old and currently resides in Vancouver, WA. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his four grandkids, goose hunting, taking trips to Montana and watching football. The only fault we can find with Ted is that he's a Raiders fan. 

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