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Why CFP?

A construction project is an enormous undertaking and choosing the right contractor is no small feat either. At CFP we understand that in order to earn your trust we must listen to your needs and strive to deliver on our promises. We believe our word is our bond and that the most important element of any project is the long-term relationship we forge with our client.

We believe the reason we enjoy so many long-lasting relationships with clients is because we truly want their projects and companies to succeed. In our many years in the construction industry we’ve discovered that in order for a job to be “done well” four ingredients must be present:


  1. Commitment to excellence

  2. A proactive mindset

  3. Strategic planning

  4. A “workable” team

Getting it Right

Securing the services of a highly experienced contractor establishes a professional construction protocol. This results in quality materials and craftsmanship, costs control and on time completion. Excellence doesn’t happen by accident. If a contractor is lazy or has a habit of cutting corners the owner is the one who suffers. At CFP we are determined to get it right the first time even if that means doing it the hard way.


The Plan

At CFP we’ve discovered the difference between an efficient building process and an inefficient one has little to do with circumstances and conditions but everything to do with being proactive. The entire CFP leadership team is trained to take initiative and responsibility. We know just as well as you that reactive people cause unnecessary setbacks and job site injuries.

Some of the practical “proactive” ways we can assist you include, but are not limited to: facility needs evaluation, coordinate need-specific design team, bid package development, subcontractor prequalification, bid review, and comprehensive construction review.

As your building partner, we will benefit you by targeting cost control through value engineering, simplifying design process’ and evaluating alternative materials. We like to ask questions and get to know our customers because when we see the big picture we can help you make the right decisions resulting in your long-term success.

The Build

As your building partner, CFP will tailor a need specific construction oversight plan. This plan will include: routine inspections of work in progress, contract compliance, written inspection reports, and progress meeting attendance.

By maintaining an acute knowledge of work in progress CFP will be proactive in heading off cost over runs while facilitating on time completion. As your building partner we will act to resolve conflicts before they cause unnecessary delays. In the event that we have reason to believe that the owner's interests are compromised, we will promptly report, both verbally and in writing, allowing the owner to intervene in a timely manner.

The Team

The definition of “workability” is the ability of a fresh concrete mix to fill the form properly with the desired work without reducing the concrete's quality. “Workability” is important when it comes to a pour but even more important when it comes to forming a construction team. That’s why we place such a high value on teamwork and only hire the best in the industry. We know that in order to provide quality service and products we must not only use the best building materials but the best people. To provide the highest quality service we tailor a design team that is need-specific for your project. And since every leader at CFP fully embraces a whatever-it-takes-to-get-the-job-done mentality we are able to deliver spectacular results to our valuable clients. Every person who works at CFP is taught that the outcome is more important than any specific role which enables us to work as one cohesive unit.

To meet the CFP Team Leaders click here.

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