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At CFP every team member is taught to:


  • Be honest at all times and remember your word is your bond.

  • Respect others. This includes customers, subcontractors, suppliers and fellow workers.

  • Operate with the utmost integrity.

  • Always be responsive and proactive.

  • Deliver quality products on time and on budget.

  • Leave every customer satisfied (no matter the cost).

Our Mission And Vision

At CFP our vision is to be recognized by our customers and competitors as the leader in the industrial and commercial concrete industry on the West Coast. We want to maintain a reputation as the company who is able to get any job done no matter what challenges arise. Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality product on time and on budget.

We accomplish this mission by bringing together the best minds in collaboration to provide a full spectrum of commercial and industrial concrete services for our clients. We are dedicated to helping others, as well as ourselves, in the drive towards excellence, led by the Golden Rule of "treating others the way we want to be treated." Our intention is to be the industrial and commercial concrete contractor of choice on the West Coast.

Our Values

We believe that the good in life can be found in the simple statement: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. From this a few simple and important values arise.

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